Discovering your Unique Strengths


Kids Coaching

Kids Coaching is a unique Life Coaching approach specializing in children. Our specialty in working with youth is empowering kids to discover their inner natural character strengths and outer natural talents.

Children have specific needs that benefit from a unique approach. A kids coach guides children in finding their highest potential.

Kids coaching is a method created to help adults help kids and youth become more prepared for life. The focus is on helping to develop the whole child recognizing that all aspects of his/her life affect their well-being. Kids Coaching inspires kids to discover virtues and talents to guide them in becoming more productive, fulfilled and happier adults. Services include one on one kids coaching and group workshop. Call to book an appointment. The first session is free of charge.

Discovering your Character Strengths Workshops for kids and adults

This interactive, fun and inspiring character development program is designed to awaken and develop your unique strengths. There is also a Learning Strengths From Nature component.

Everyone, every single one of us, has natural character strengths. The earlier in life these natural "gifts" are discovered and integrated into daily life, the better. These are foundational qualities that enable us to find happiness, cope with change, rise above and learn from life's challenges.

Our workshops focus on acknowledging inner strengths such as inherent virtues and outer strengths or natural talents such as piano, sports, art, etc. The workshops are an effective and empowering way to learn about yourself. The workshops are available by appointment. They have been facilitated in schools, outdoors, clubs, clinics, outdoor camps and private homes.

Adult Life Coaching

Adult coaching is becoming the method of choice for navigating life's challenges

A survey by the international coaching federation reports that people who have a coach show greater success at setting and achieving goals, increased self awareness, confidence and lower stress levels. These are skills needed for creating happiness and developing ones inherent worth. It is a privilege to facilitate adults in finding their true worth and strengths. Call to book an appointment. The first session is free of charge. 

Business Consulting

Small business needs life coaching services too!

Having led a workplace team for many years involving team building, conflict resolution, troubleshooting, grant development, teaching, production streamlining and product R and D. I've been there!!!!! We understand the complexities of running a business while leading a team. Having empathy and a sharp, innovative mind for small business issues is our specialty. We facilitate workplace team building and consulting sessions. I have seen it all and found new insight and strength through it. This is vital to growth. Appointments available upon request.

Groove Dance Pop Ups

Roberta is a certified Groove Dance Instructor. 

"Groove is a simple way to experience dance and movement. As facilitator, I give you a rhythm/move at the start of each song. We do the rhythm & moves together; you do it your way I do it mine. Unique and united, fun and exercise!" Groove classes and parties are by appointment. See


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